If you want to order the official Rumo a Santiago jersey, you can submit your pre-order right now through the form available on this page.

Jersey oficialThe jersey is available in several sizes for children (from 6 to 12 years old) and in adult sizes (from XS to XXL). These are standard European sizes, so if you usually use L t-shirts, that will be the size you should choose.

This is a high quality jersey tailored with the high quality fabric made by Coolmax. The Coolmax fabric is a high-performance fabric that can help the athletic performance of the people who wear it. Using DuPont’s patented fibre  technology, Coolmax® moves sweat away from the body to the outer layer of the fabric, where it dries faster than any other fabric. In moisture management tests, garments made with Coolmax® dried almost completely in 30 minutes. Cotton, by comparison, remained wet by nearly 50%.

The jersey costs 29EUR, plus shipping and handling (you can check the rates for shipping and handling on the Payment Mode section on the form). We will provide you with a tracking number that will allow you to follow the parcel until it is delivered at your address.

As we need to get a minimum number of orders before sending them to our supplier, you’re only making your pre-order, without making any payment whatsoever. As soon as we reach the minimum number of orders, you will be contacted with further details for paying your order, so that you can receive your jersey at your home as soon as possible.

You can visualize the jersey in a 360º perspective on the following image:

[swfobj src=”http://www.rumoasantiago.com/shop/jersey360.swf” align=”center” height=”512″ width=”417″]necessita o plug-in de Flash para ver este conteúdo[/swfobj]


Order your jersey right now!

NOTICE: if you have any difficulty while visualizing the form, please use this alternative link to access it.


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